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    How Do I Ship My Car?

    Choosing theBest Car Shipping Company

    Car transport is an industry riddled with competition. When you want your car to arrive safely, quickly and for a fair price choosing the best car transport company is vital.

    Our auto shipping network is the best in the industry.

    Have you found your dream car thousands of miles away? We’ll bring it to your doorstep.

    Do you need your classic car shipped to a car show on the coast or an auction in the southwest? We have many car collectors on our team and they understand the care required to transport your classic car safely. Plus, our enclosed transporters are moving high dollar, classic cars across the Dependable Auto Shippers States every day.

    In addition to personal care, our staff is ready to share helpful tips and tricks to make your car transport a breeze. Contact one of our car transport specialists for personal assistance.

    Get Car Shipping Quote

    Dependable Auto Shippers makes it easy to get the service and support you need whenever you need it. Our online blog has extensive articles to answer any question you may have about transport your car.

    We’ve provided answers to the most commonly asked questions like “Do your have any discounts?” or “What do I need to do to prepare my car for transport?” right here in our Frequently Asked Questions.

    Our customer service and support team is available by phone to help with your transport needs or you can contact us by email by filling out our online form. We also offer Live Chat and Text to Chat during normal business hours. Whatever manner of communication you prefer, we’re here to assist you.

    When you request a quote from us, we request the most basic information required to provide an accurate quote. We do assume your car is operable and no additional equipment is required to load and unload the car. If that is not the case, please provide that information when your support member delivers your quote.

    Dependable Auto Shippers is unlike other companies today who transport cars. We care about you and your car. We work hard to provide the pinnacle of service and personal care and make ourselves available so you can speak directly with us at any time throughout the entire process. That is why we are able to maintain a competitive 5-STAR rating with our customers.


    If your car needs extra protection from weather and other elements, transport your car enclosed is your best bet. As its name suggests, enclosed car transport places your car inside a carrier with 100% protection, totally enclosed during the entire transport.


    Total transport time averages 7-20 business days. Most shipments are picked up with 1-3 business days and delivered 7-14 days later. Some more remote areas may take up to 7 business days for the pick-up.

    Pick up time is based somewhat on variables outside anyone’s control, that’s why auto shippingers give you a window of time for pick up. Once you book your transport, we will chart out the path of available drivers that can be routed to your pick up location, yet also headed toward your destination.

    Once your dispatch team determines the best carrier to assign to your transport, they will schedule your pick up and the driver will begin moving toward your destination from where ever he/she is. Their distance from, how many pick ups or drop offs they have before they get to you, and federal regulations regarding how often they must stop and how long they are allowed to drive, all affect your pick up time. Not to mention, any traffic issues, bad weather, construction or external issues they may face before they get to you.

    Express transport services are available in some areas to help expedite time sensitive shipments. We encourage you to contact one of our car transport specialists if you have additional needs. We are always glad to help.

    After your car is picked up, you can contact us any time for updates.
    Your support staff will give you updates at various times so you know when to anticipate your car’s arrival.


    Dependable Auto Shippers Car transport charges an average of $770 to $1450 for an average-sized car moving within the Dependable Auto Shippers States. For cars traveling under 200 miles, it can cost an average of $2.50 a mile, with a minimum base charge for picking up. This simply means if you need the car moved 150 miles, you’re going to pay a base charge plus the $2.50 a mile. Please note, prices do fluctuate based on time of year and fuel costs.

    If you are moving your car over 1,000 miles, you’re looking at around 75 cents a mile to ship your car. The price for car transport can vary somewhat based on distance and the specific car in both instances. But for the most accurate quote and our guaranteed pricing, use our transport quote form to get an accurate quote.

    As I stated, the distance of the move, the year, make and model of the car do have the largest effect on the cost to move a car. Expediting the shipment will also increase the cost. Choosing a major city for pick up and delivery can also be a great way to get cheap car transport by decrease the cost of door-to-door transport. You can also use our car transport terminals for speed and convenience.

    Shipping a car isn’t quite like the transport a cardboard box with UPS. A car is difficult to ship and must be loaded properly to avoid damage during transport. So do your research and choose Dependable Auto Shippers when you want to ship your car. Our attention to safety and detail makes all the difference in getting what you pay for.



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